About Armonia Celeste

The ensemble Armonia Celeste (Italian for “heavenly harmony”) brings the music of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque eras vividly to life! With three beautiful female voices singing in close harmony accompanied by plucked-string period instruments, the musicians of Armonia Celeste infuse their historically informed performances with unforgettable passion and joy.

We are an emerging American early-music touring and recording ensemble specializing in the sparkling, dramatic repertoire of the Italian seicento, drawing acclaim and delighting audiences with our dynamic performances.

Sarah Griffiths, soprano
Rebecca Choate Beasley, soprano
Dianna Grabowski, mezzo-soprano
Paula Fagerberg, baroque  harps
Lyle Nordstrom, lute, theorbo, baroque guitar

To learn more about Armonia Celeste, see our concert calendar, and hear sound samples, plus much more, visit our website: www.ArmoniaCeleste.com

To chat and interact with us, get the latest news, see exclusive photos, &c., like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArmoniaCelesteEnsemble

For in-depth articles on our music, concerts, and recordings, visit our blog: www.ArmoniaCeleste.wordpress.com

For up-to-the-minute news on the ensemble, discounts & offers, and articles and videos on the art, music, and culture of the late Renaissance and Baroque, follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ArmoniaCeleste

The finest group I’ve heard performing early baroque Italian music.”

–Eugene Enrico
Early Music Television
Professor of Musicology at the Oklahoma University School of Music



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