Up Close and Personal with Dianna Grabowski

Dianna Grabowski is Armonia Celeste’s mezzo-soprano. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband Greg, and their dog Friday.

Dianna Grabowski, mezzo-soprano

Q. When did you start singing?
A. I started singing in grade school, when I had a solo in the “Shapin’ Up Santa” fifth-grade play. I played the character of Elf #8.

Q. At what point did you decide you wanted to do this for your career?
A. There was never one point where I made a conscious decision. I decided to try out being a voice performance major when I went to college, but I was honest with myself about the fact that it might not work out. But, it did! As I’ve grown as a singer, I keep re-assessing where I am in my career and whether I’m still happy and want to keep going, and which direction to go next. And in case you’re wondering, I’m very happy!

Q. How did you discover that you were a mezzo? Were there ever any doubts as to your fach?
A. I’ve always been a very lyric mezzo, and my high range filled out before my low did. But, that’s not atypical for a young mezzo. It’s very nice to have low notes now, though!

Q. What was it about singing early music that called to you?
A. First and foremost, it was the people I met that attracted me to the Collegium singers at the University of North Texas. After that, I grew to appreciate the independence that comes with singing more chamber music. The vocal demands of early music are a lot more varied than I originally thought, and I found the challenge of learning to sing in this new style very appealing.

Q. Why did you want to become involved in forming Armonia Celeste?
A. The primary reason I wanted to help form Armonia Celeste is the other singers, Sarah and Rebecca. Not only are they two of my best friends, but the three of us have always had an uncanny ability to play off of each other in performance. We also have very different vocal timbres, but they come together in such an interesting way. To sing this repertoire, which can be florid, lyrical, and intense all at the same time, you have to be able to trust your fellow singers and know how to give and take. This comes naturally between Sarah, Rebecca, and me.

Dianna at the Dordogne river valley

Q. What are some things you like to do when you aren’t making music?
A. I love to read, cook, knit, and watch movies!

Q. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?  🙂
A. I tend not to have a favorite anything. It depends greatly on my mood. But I’d have to say I go most often for the Cookies and Cream.

Read Dianna’s bio here and listen to a clip of a solo with Armonia Celeste here.

Find out much more about Dianna at her website. www.diannagrabowski.com


One Response to “Up Close and Personal with Dianna Grabowski”

  1. Christmas is coming! The air is filled with song!
    But just look at Santa, you’ll know that something’s wrong!
    But Santa’s elves all know just what they’re going to do,
    To make old Santa just like new!

    Aaah….the memories.

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